Tulips – A poem by Gloria Maloney

Tulips – A poem by Gloria Maloney

Spring is in full swing

Tulips have burst upon the scene

A gay eclectic mesmerising spectacle, for us to peruse as we pass by

Deep velvety purple Cuban Nights

Elegantly dressed up in frills and ruffles for their opening night

Treading lightly on their heels, a Foxtrot who likes to take a solo performance

Clusters of pink candy-floss faces jostle for position

 Up against the orange fiery-red Emperors; sunburst pouting lips shouting out

“We’re here!”

Dolls Minuets with pink-magenta pirouette pointed ballet slippers

Dance in the slipstream breeze to our delight

Last but not least to be outdone, red, yellow rimmed swaying Calypsos

Positively glowing with a promise of summer’s sun to come

©gloria maloney