What to do in February

What to do in February

February Can Be Cold!

February can be one of the coldest months of the year. If it’s frosty don’t walk on the grass and if it is very wet under foot or soil sticks to your gardening tools, wait a while for it to dry out.

Plant Your Lily bulbs

Now is a great time to either buy or replant Lily bulbs. Do it this this month before they start rooting.

Replant Snowdrops

Snowdrops respond better to transplanting them “In the Green” As soon as they have stopped flowering you can divide and replant.

Chitting Potatoes

Chitting potatoes helps them get a better start. Stand them up in a box, egg boxes are good, eyes upwards and leave in a cool room. Ideally you want short green shoots not all straggly.

Buy Seeds

Buy seeds now and place them in a box in month order of sowing. That way you won’t forget to sow them.