What to do in June

What to do in June

Water tomatoes in containers thoroughly and regularly to help prevent blossom end rot.

Deadhead early annuals/perennials and roses regularly to encourage more flowers.

Delay buying permanent plants particularly shrubs and trees until autumn when conditions are more favourable for good establishment.

Remove strawberry runners during the early part of summer to avoid energy being diverted from developing fruit. If you need to increase your stock peg runners into pots.

Spray the “trunks” of trees ferns regularly to keep foliage luxuriant and stop them drying out in warm dry weather.

Remove the flowering sheets of rhubarb.

Fill gaps in beds and borders with a long flowering summer bedding plants such as cosmos and osteospermums.

Clip evergreen box and privet hedges, always check if birds are nesting before beginning work.

Remove  reverted shoots on variegated trees and shrubs as they appear to prevent this more vigourous growth taking over. All white or pale yellow sheet should also be removed.